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Ways To Make Your Woman To Be Loyal And Submissive To You

Most men feel that the only way to get their women submit to them is by treating them the hard way. This men believe that a woman should not be given much liberty. They shout her down. Limit their freedom and do all they can to kill her ethusiam, confidence and self esteem.
Ways To Make A Woman Happy

I call it the "choleric effect". The man chooses where the woman goes to, decides the friends she keeps, decides how much she can spend and even go as far as choosing when to make love.
The truth is that such men wont get anything good from such women. A woman whose happiness has been trampled upon will only give little. Women dont thrive in an environment where they are caged. They dont thrive in an environment where they cant express love.
The best way to get something out of a GOOD WOMAN is to love her without pressure. When you hurt her feelings, apologise and ensure that she forgives you. Most women can be sensitive and when you hit them below the belt, you may be losing the love and affection of someone who loves you deeply.
The good thing is that making amends after making mistakes can make a difference. No woman will refuse to forgive a man who shows genuine repentance. She will surely give you a second chance if you convince her that you are sorry for what you have done.
Men should create an environment to enable the woman in their lives to succeed. When a woman is happy, it reflects on the home. Everyone iss happy and that atmospher attracts GOD's blessings. A prayer from the lips of a happy woman gets to GOD and can acts as a pillar of support fro her man.
God designed her as a helpmate, but it is the duty of the man to create an environment for her to be able to fufill her role as a help mate to him.

Submitted by Ifeanyi

What Ladies Should Avoid In A Relationship

A woman should make herself available but not needy!
A woman has no business chasing a man. It is a man's duty to go after a woman. Even if you like him. Leave traces, give signs that you are available but dont show a man that you already into him. A man is designed to hunt let him pick up the traces and decide how to hunt the woman he wants.
This is the singular reason most men dont appreciate women who throw themselves at them. A man likes to brag about his conquest. It will give him great satisfaction to kow that he wooed the woman of his dreams and won her heart.
What Men Wants

A woman has no business going to a man's house to wash his clothes and clean his house when he has not married you. It shows you are needy. If his reasons for calling of the relationship is because you stood your ground, let him go. Women have done laudry for men, cooked and even slept with him for years yet he will go to his village to pick a wife. Girl sho hasnt swept his house talkless of cooking for him.
Be busy! Have things you do that will make a man crave to have your attention. Do not be at his beck and call especially if you notice that he calls you only when he wants his laundry done, need food to eat or horny.
Men value women who place value on themselves. They love women who are independent. Women who are confident and know what they want.
Women have been deposited with gifts that can make them stand out and be counted. How do you use this gift? Have you become a man's sex slave? Are you in a relationship where sex is the only thing that binds you together? Do you clean his house and cook for him only for another woman to come and eat the food and lie on the bed you made?
Choose to be distinct. Become the woman every man wants. Become the woman a man will move mountains to have. Not because you are not available but because he knows you are confident and not needy.

Submitted by Ifeanyi

Friday, August 28, 2015

DIvorce, Causes Of Divorce In Modern Homes And Ways To Avoid It

When people enter into a marriage, they have the expectation that their loved one is the person they know best, someone who will always have their back. When things
happen to shake that believe it rocks the foundation of the relationship.

We always look at INFIDELITY as the major cause of divorce and from the BIBLE, GOD made it known to us that it is the only reason you will have to divorce your wife.

The same GOD made it known to us too in MAL 2:16 that HE also hates DIVORCE.

Divorce and Causes Of Divorce

There are other Factors that contribute to DIVORCE in our Society, factors like

1. MONEY : In (1 timothy 6:16) it says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. An uncontrolled desire for money will lead to a temptation and into many foolish and hurtful lusts which drown man in destruction and sorrow. We should be contented with whatever we have.

2. SEXUAL PROBLEMS : We should all know that sex is very vital in marriage. Improper attitudes about sex brings couples to the breaking point. Both those who regard sex as being acceptable outside of marriage as well as those who think of sex as dirty and wrong within marriage are equally
guilty of maintaining attitudes which are destined to cause serious trouble to any family relationship. What i'm trying to
say is that partners should always satisfy themselves sexually and satisfactory otherwise it contributes a lot to

3. IMMATURITY : Married life is for adults not for children of low thinking ability who cannot reason well with you. There is an age when we are not sure about anything.
In some cases, partners divorce as a result of

4. PROBLEMS FROM IN -LAWS. Every couple should establish their own home away from parents. This will help so that the contacts with in -laws become limited. In GENESIS CHAPTER 2V24 it says "therefore, shall a man leave his father and mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh" these are GOD'S WORDS and we should abide. by it.

5 IRRESPONSIBILITY : When a young man is irresponsible and unwilling to work b4 marriage, the chances are extremely right that he will continue the same pattern of behaviour after marriage. In the same way the young lady who has shown no sense of personal responsibility b4 marriage will likely also be unwilling to do her part in containing the home after marriage. If you are planning to marry such a person with the expectation of changing him or her, it is very likely that you are in for a sad disappointment.
The "Best Way To Avoid Divorce" then is by avoiding the situations that lead to it, BUT When we read (Matthew 19:9), this passage teaches ONLY one lawful reason for DIVORCE and REMARRY. The other
causes of divorce discussed are not valid and justifiable according to GOD ALMIGHTY. If anyone divorces for any
other reasons and marries another they would be living
The rate of divorce this time in our society is too high. Let's
try and avoid it for God Himself hates it too

Submitted by Nkiru Oddy Ogbuu

Sunday, July 5, 2015



1) never expose your wife weakness to your male friends or your parent.
2) That geniue love you have for her at the initial stage you married her should continue,some just because they wife body has changed due to overweight or changes in her body still bear in mind dat her body will never remain same once she is giving birth..

3) don't use aggressive voice for her in front of your children.
4) Never beat her and treat her as your househelp,
5) Avoiding comparing your wife with any woman.
6) dont use because your wife denies your sex and denies the family their daily bread and other things to suffer the woman.
7)Be cleaned, well shaved .
8) when buying clothes, buy for her as well, because sometimes you will see the man well dressed but when you see the wife you will shaking your head.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Things To Avoid In Marriage

Marriage is so precious and that is why God ordained it, but sometimes we are the causes of some misfortune,some of the fact we should be careful with!!!!!!
1)Avoid exposing your husband weakness to your friends or family.
2) shouting at your spouse,just because he is dull and Quite, they take it as an advantages by going out without  permission and come home anytime they like.
3) leaving all the house chores to your househelp, cooking for your husband, washing his boxes and his clothes.
4) when things are not  enough at home,encourage him it is well, but not adding more sorrow to his pains.
5)pretending to be sick or your are in your monthly period just to denie him Sex because you demanded something and he have not fulfil it.
6)Never loud your voice or shout at him because you think the age gap between you and him is not much
7)Cleanness is so essential,not dressing neat to office and shop, perhaps home is so dirty.
8) cook his favourite not your children or your own favourites.
9)Avoid associating with woman who have bad moral about marriage.
10)Dont take the advantages of you earn more than him and for that reason your behave anyhow by using more than two or three phone when he touches it, your try to overshadow him and treat him like a slave.



There are persons that have been anointed by the devil to tear down marriages. They come as friends but they are foes, the smile at you and pretend to be interested in your plight not knowing they are there to tear down the harmony in your marriage. They possess the following traits:
1. They speak often of the challenges of other People marriage.
2. They at times tell you of the flaw of your spouse.
3. They are quick to suggest prayer or prophet or even harbalist place to you for a solution.
4. They do not talk of Holiness and personal prayers in dealing with family issues.
5. They do not have a personal experience of salvation so they will not talk of that.
6. They exalt the devil in their much emphasise on demons, witches and wicked people.
7. They always want to help you and be by your side talking about people.
8. They secretly discredit you to your spouse and make your spouse to start suspecting and monitoring you.
9. They can be found in the same church, office or business.
10. They take advantage of your weakness and busy schedule to devastate your marriage.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Ways To Care For Your Man

Ways To Care For Your Man
Men are like babies who cry all the time for attention. One of the reasons why men cheat on their spouse is because their wives do not know how to show care. These ladies, sometimes nag most of the time and forget to find out what their men might be passing through.

These are ways to care for your man.


Give him lots and lots of attention. Like I said earlier, men are like babies who cry for attention. Inside that manly body, there is this “babyish” attitude that yearns for attention. When he needs your shoulder to lie on, endeavor to give him so as to avoid him looking out for someone else.

Give Him Listening Ears:

A man loves his lady when she listens to him, especially when he reveals his thoughts to her. A woman who wants to care for her man, should w12d be able to be patient and listen. If he tells you about an issue, listen first then put in your idea after.

Put His Needs Before Yours:

At this moment, it’s not all about you. If your man tells you, he wants to share his thoughts with you, listen, put your needs aside then look for ways to contribute. Stop asking for what you need without knowing what he wants. This could go a long way in your relationship

Apologize All The Time:

I know this could be hard but let me tell you a secret. A woman holds her home not the man. In a society like ours, most times a woman is blamed if anything happens in the home not the man.

If you and your spouse engage in a heated argument which often occurs in most relationship, try as much as possible to apologize. Saying words like “sorry it’s never going to happen” would help a lot. Bring down the pride.

Compliment Your Man:

Forget it, men love compliment. This is one of the ways to show care to your partner. Men love it when they are complimented. Words like “my love you look good”, my handsome” “I love you”, could make a man stay. Fill your man with nice words all the time. For example, if your man is going through a trying phase, try to tell him words that would encourage him, words like “Hun, this is a passing phase, we would overcome it”, trust me, this would give him hope. It’s very right to compliment your man all the time.

By Dallas

Sunday, June 14, 2015

One Of The Greatest Thing To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner

One Of The Greatest Thing To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner

Choice of  A Life Partner
Being in love is a good thing, having a relationship/courtship is interesting but to make it more lovely, there are couple of things to consider before saying yes-it is time to propose or yes-I accept.
Let's start by asking ourselves what we look out for in choosing or accepting a partner? 

Do you consider God? Many make the mistake of basing their choice on mundane attributes than the things of God.

Physical appearance, 'stees or swags' should come as secondary or even thereafter, and not a criteria.
God should be the number one factor because it will go a long way in determining the other physical attributes, seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other things shall be added unto you.

Please know that when it is not right in the spiritual, it can NEVER be right in the physical.
Our choices not only influence our lifestyle, but often reflect the kind of people we are. We must, therefore, not allow our values to be determined by the standards of the world or those who scorn the Christian Faith.

Don't yield to any advise on choosing marriage partner which does not comply with the Word of God. No, it's not worth it!

Yes, we learn and acquire things from people but for those things which have eternal value, we must go to God, He alone can supply. When you seek after and possess those things which God graciously gives to you, then you are truly blessed.

Marriage is one of the most gratifying and difficult of all human relationships. Preparing well for it is a great gift to give your future spouse and the children who will join your sacred union.

Please be careful not to mix friendship for love and vice versa. Yes I said vice versa because I've heard of people who lost their spouse to just friendship. He talked about married to you or you as a man suddenly started receiving her and then you hear 'you can't be serious, we are too close for that, we're just friends'

Like seriously! I need to ask such persons if they desire to be with their enemy! Now this is not to say all friends are marriage material lest I hear sister Toyin said so, *smiles*

But seriously you have to be spiritually sensitive, you see why you need God again?

I do say, if it is not right in the spiritual, it can never be right in the physical, believe me that's the truth. These things look like theory, but I tell you it easy to know with God on our side. Just open not only your heart but also your head too and take note of every little details.

Like I was saying earlier; there is difference between friendship and love; friendship does not involve serious emotional attachment but once you confess love, then the expectations become extraordinary, supernatural and spiritual.

Therefore, you should 'fall' in love cautiously, don't confess love for another if your soul and spirit are not part of the process and do not accept a proposal out of pity. A clear rejection is far much better than a fake promise.

Tomorrow by His grace, we shall consider some basic factors to put in mind and in place before the birth of the union.

Confession: I will not miss it

Prayer: I need direction oh Lord, direct my steps, order my thoughts, teach me and make me ready for my partner. (Please say this prayer for yourself)

Ask Your Self This Questions Before Getting Married

Ask Your Self This Questions Before Getting Married

Marriage is this, marriage is that, its requires the whole of you, it requires your totality and so on. All of these are not to scare you but to let you know that of a truth it is the beginning of another life journey which you must be well prepared for.
This will have to come in parts please so that you can digest it well.
Ask yourself, is getting married now right for you? What do you need to know before you walk down the aisle? Take a closer look at yourself and the relationship before tying the knot.
You need to be certain of your readiness for it because it is more than the colourful party! Let's consider the following questions:
1. Why are you getting married?
Sometimes ago I wrote an article on right and wrong reasons for marriage, you can check my blog to read them to check.
Be honest and evaluate the reasons behind your engagement. If you have to talk yourself into marriage, don't. If you have to talk your partner into marriage, no way! Make sure you are not getting married to escape or avoid something. Have you just always wanted to get married? That's not a good enough reason.
If you get nauseous shopping for a wedding dress or seem to be sick every time you have to meet the caterer, maybe you have to put a comma like I said yesterday and check if there's something getting you afraid about this journey.
2. Have you planned a marriage or just a wedding?
Cake, flowers and others are all exciting, but there's more to it than one day. YOUR WEDDING IS A DAY; MARRIAGE IS A LIFETIME. You don't just want to be married, you want to be happily married if I'm right.
Put at least the same amount of time and effort that you are using to plan your wedding into planning your marriage.
Develop an emotional prenuptial agreement with your partner, outlining how you'll handle children, discipline, sex, money, division of labour, religion, careers, retirement, in-laws, etc.

If you don't plan for and discuss these topics, you might not be able to successfully merge two lives together, don't be too spiritual to discuss some topics especially sex, I do say this a lot, discuss it but not in a the wrong manner don't forget.
Read books, attend seminars, get a mentor whom you can be accountable to (choose a mentor carefully by His grace), pray hard, study His word, feed your Spirit.

3. Are you investing more than you can afford to lose?
Look at the cost of your relationship, if you have to give up your friends, career, or family for example, the cost is too high. You are the one giving up this and that to sustain the relationship, caution is needed because It is better to be healthy alone, than sick with someone else.
This is where some persons trade their dignity, their glory, thinking they want to sustain their relationship! That is just a lie from the pit of hell, sex will not keep a relationship, it will only make you a thief!

4. Have you identified and communicated your needs and expectations?
Know yourself. You can't determine if somebody is good for you if you don't know your own needs. A stable personality that is getting its needs met is the precondition for a fulfilling relationship.
It's not selfish to have goals within a relationship, have your own personal goals and vision. Stop waiting for someone to validate your existence! (I wrote that with great emphasis).
Moreover, express your needs and expectations now, not when you're already in the marriage. What are your absolute deal breakers, what turns you off? Do you know your partner's?

5. Are you in love?
Love is a beautiful thing but can be easily misunderstood if you're not careful, are you really in love or lust? Check if you're not so attracted to this person because of the shape, money, curves, dress sense and so on. A day will come that this things won't be there, will you still love him/her?
When her face wrinkles, grey hair, lesser curves, sagged breast and all of that happens, will you still love her? When he goes broke, when that six packs has turned to fat, when the 'swaggs' are gone, will your love remain the same?
Think about the next 50 years if God permits, will you still be in love with this same person, I mean will you still love like you're doing now?

In reality, marriage is not the completion of engagement but the beginning of a new life and we barely knows what that life would involve.
Permit me to say there's so much ladies especially don't know about this institution called marriage, its not about the bridal train, the white gown, the Aso-ebi, the wedding!
A lady that is not prepared for marriage but wedding will end up in the grave very soon. (It may now not be physical death but what about emotional death?)

Marriage is not just the ceremony, it is a day to day lifetime commitment! Please take time to read good books, it sounds funny you want to get married but haven't read any book on marriage (he/she), attend marriage seminars or listened to any message/sermon on it!
How intimate are you with God to sustain your home? What do you have in you to train your children especially in the way of the Lord?
It is not your body that you will pour into your children, it is your spirit, what do you have to give to them? Remember; you cannot give what you don't have.
Of a truth, no other human relationship can approach the potential for intimacy and oneness than that which can be found within the context of the marriage commitment and yet no other relationship can bring with it as many adjustments, difficulties, and even hurts.

There's no way you can avoid these difficulties; each couple's journey is unique. But there is much you can do to prepare for that journey. That's what engagement is meant for, not only preparation for a wedding, but for a marriage!
Ask yourself, am I ready for marriage? Someone called marriage welding, yes its true, it means fusing, cleaving, joining for the rainy and the sunny days! Wedding or welding?
Confession: I shall not fail in marriage!
Prayer: Father, prepare me for my ordained spouse in Jesus name Amen

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Reasons Why Broken Relationship Is Better Than Broken Marriage

I believe that we must all aspire and do our possible best to marry as early as possible.
I also believe that every relationship, no matter the state can be brought into a state of awesome glory and splendor if both partners are willing to work hard to make situations better and enjoyable for the benefit of both partners.
Reasons Why Broken Relationship Is Better Than Broken Marriage

I don't think that moving from one relationship to another is a perfect solution to the challenges we face in relationships. But, rather, the solution is in we building ourselves through knowledge and taking the corresponding practical actions necessary to make things better and enjoyable.

But, on the other hand, some peculiar relationship challenges are as a result of being paired with the wrong person; wrong not in the sense that the person is not God's choice, but, wrong in the sense that the person is almost unwilling to learn from the word and other good books to make mimself/herself better and he/she is also unwilling to work hard to make things work.

Anyone who is self-centered and is not willing to change his/her ways is bad news and cannot be married, because such one cannot make marriage work.

Anyone who does not act as a concern party of a relationship by bringing up issues that affect the relationship positively or negatively for discussion, is not a marriage material. He/she cannot make marriage work.
Anyone who does not readily talk about how he/she feels about something his/her partner did right or wrong as quickly as possible but keeps things to himself/herself is not a marriage material.


Thursday, June 11, 2015



Irrespective of tribe, race or religion, when it comes to marriage,
The plan of God for marriage is constant and continuous happiness. Though many persons enjoyed happiness the first day, month and year it ought not to be so. To keep and preserve Happiness in the Home, the following should be considered:
1. Regularly Study the Word of God together
2. Reason together before any project is carried out
3. Restructure your ways of demonstrating affection to your spouse
4. Reaffirm your love and commitment to each other.
5. Reject the tendency for cold war whenever there is misunderstanding.
6. Review the level of your initial affection and check with the present.
7. Reporting any little attitude of your spouse to your friends and colleagues is an indication of immaturity.
8. Raise the ego of your spouse with your little assistance in realizing his or her dream.
9. Reduce the attention you give to others where possible and increase the time for your spouse.
10. Regulate your time and treasure for the mutual benefits of the family.


How to keep love life burning in homes

A-Affectionately treat your spouse without waiting for him or her
B-Believe and build confidence on your spouse
C-Care and compassionately address your spouse needs
D-Defend your spouse in the public and systematically excuse his or her flaws
E-Evaluate and empathically carry your spouse’s plight
F-Frame and unverified stories about your spouse should be amicably deleted
G-Greet and appreciate your spouse for every contribution no matter how little
H-Hold the vision and passion of your spouse till it gets to its altitude
I-Inspire and Influence each other to be happy always
J-Join hands with your spouse to supplicate
K-Keep the secrets of your spouse tenaciously
L-Lavish praise on your spouse when a given project is completed
M-Manage the resources in the home for the benefits of all
N-Nourish and nurture your spouse
O-Open up for your spouse, no secret project or agenda with out each other knowledge
P-Pray with and for your spouse daily even when one party is acting funny
Q-Quickly act and address issues affecting your spouse for his or her positive end
R-Reason together but do not force an opinion on your spouse
S-Study the scriptures together and share things together
T-Tame your tongue when your spouse is talking
U-Understand the nature and peculiarity of your spouse and never compare
V-Visitation can be done at times together depending on the possibility
W-Wade off idle gossip about your spouse
X-X-ray the thoughts of your spouse and be 100% certain of your assumption
Y-Your spouse is your one and only no alternative, so act and treat accordingly
Z-Zip your trousers from daughters of Jezebel and your money from seductive ladies

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